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1602B - Joan Carles I 50 -1 Muro, Mallorca Architecture and Art Nøra Studio.

Architecture and Art

In Muro, an office space is included in the brief of an apartment building.



The impossibility for the ground floor to accommodate this space, incompatible with the parking available to the apartment’s owners, makes it necessary to occupy the basement.



The lack of an outdoors connection is seen as an opportunity for the users to be aware of how time passes in a different way. Contact with the street, which illuminates and ventilates the premises, is through a single point that becomes the focus towards which the whole space is facing. The presence of the courtyard is taken as the central element of the project.



The spaces consist of two meeting rooms, a toilet and a storeroom. The rooms are distributed, separated from the courtyard by a circulation area that opens onto the outdoor space. In order to let light in, they are articulated through glass partitions. This generates a continuous sequence of light and transparency that reaches from the courtyard to the rooms.



The austere finishes’ materiality and light partition walls creates a visual interplay between the different spaces, which represent the different layers of a single composition.


Muro, Mallorca



100 m2 



9 Futur Construccions.



9 Futur Construccions.



Marco Menéndez Blau

Building engineer


Structural Analysis

Abencio-Enrrique Pérez Asensi

Telecommunications engineer

Ingenieria I.P.T.I.

Activity Project



Toni Salom




2016 - 2020



Luís Díaz Díaz.

Nøra Studio.

Nøra Studio

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1602B - Joan Carles I 50 -1