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Architecture and Art



Studio Mallorca

C/ Santa Anna 11, bajos (Muro)


Studio Barcelona

C/ Saragossa 103, bajos 2ª (Barcelona)


Studio Ibiza

C/ de Vicente Cuervo, 16, 1º 2a (Ibiza)


NØRA is born in 2015, when still architecture students we accept our first commissions together. We design independently but with a common understanding of what architecture is. By having multiple standpoints, contradicting ourselves, we add complexity to the process. We are ever changing.

Strongly rooted to the landscape we love; we work next to the people that make our ideas tangible. Never tied and in constant movement between our offices. Always sheltered under the same soul. Every project comes from a seed, its essential concept, unique and adapted to the conditions that made it appear. It evolves, sensible to the changes and variations that emerge as it ripens during the creative process. Like our projects, we do not stop growing. Innovating and learning, maintaining firmly the origins, enrichening with an open and young mind that is constantly trying to understand the ways and times we live in, communicating through our work.


Luca Lliteras Roldán

Architect & Co-founder / +34 629 779 839


Marina Munnar Bonnin

Architect & Co-founder / +34 623 449 763


Pau del Campo Montoliu

Architect & Co-founder / +34 623 449 870


Rafel Capó Quetglas

Architect & Co-founder / +34 623 449 932


Guillem Oró Grau


Joan Miquel Frau Reinés

Building engineer

Mariona López Sensada

Architect  & Community Manager

Juan José Luengo Ruiz

Architect  & art director


Margalida Bibiloni, Toni Moragues, Andreu Adrover, Annalisa Flotta, Armando Caruso, Mercedes Morales.


We listen to the world and its society in order to establish conversations with clients that want to develop new projects.

We propose our architectural process to solve problems across all scales and disciplines, obtaining a personal, original and high-quality result.

We start at any phase of the project, helping the clients with their business or lifelong investments; looking for the right place, designing together or managing its construction.

We offer a complete experience where we take part in all levels, having carried out big buildings as well as small interior design and industrial design projects.


1602 - Joan Carles I 50 

Dezeen Awards 2021 - Longlist



1807 - Cisterna

Plataforma Arquitectura

Dezeen Awards 2021 - Longlist


1913 - Forn s'ERA

Dezeen Awards 2021 - Longlist


Nøra Studio

Mallorca · Barcelona · Eivissa